Kiala Ogawa

Tune in for an hour long mix from Japanese-Congolese musician Kiala Ogawa from Kodäma as she presents her inspirations via mixing ambient, soulful jazz, Japanese funk and Afrobeat. This month Kiala will take you for a special show about women producers in the world, an hour of ambient, soulful, jazz and house music.


The Seatbelts (Yoko Kanno) -Rush [Sunrise Music Label]
Elsa Hewitt - Badgermental [Beatxchangers]
Uèle Lamore - Austerlitz [Meteores Music]
Clementine Cesaire - For Love Feat Orbitron & Marie Kaae [Beatxchangers]
Astrid Engberg - Lush Life [Creak Inc. Records]
Asmara - Anything Feat Alexandria
Georgia Anne Muldrow - Mufaro’s Garden [Foreseen Entertainment]
Sabrina Bellaouel - Arab Liquor [Infiné]
Kiala Ogawa - Sketches of Dream [Beatxchangers]
Elle Shimada - Activate feat Abbey Howlet & Cazeaux O.S.L.O [Wondercore Island]
Tatyana Jane - Goodbye Summer [Beatxchangers]
Marina Trench -Sunrise [Heist Recording]
Keiyaa - Gits! Weary! [KEIYA]
Björk - Come to me [One little Indian]
Nina Simone -The Other Woman [Sony BMG]

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