Krisp Biscuits Radio Show: Mikey D.O.N

Mikey D.O.N is not only respected Worldwide as a UK Hip Hop Pioneer with Krispy 3 / Krispy, he’s also an award winning Reggae DJ and trophy winning Soundbwoy killer. With an extensive record collection ranging across all genres, Mikey delves into his cocoa baskets to bring you delectable ‘Krisp Biscuits’ for you all to devour and digest. Expect to hear the odd dubplate too!

1) Al Johnson – I’m Back For More (Columbia)

2) Sonny Criss – Sweet Summer Breeze (ABC/Impulse)

3) Barry Biggs – Love Come Down (Afrik)

4) Dean Fraser – Love Come Down Pt II (Afrik)

5) Keith Douglas – Cool Down Amina (Fashion Records)

6) Jorge Santana – Tonight You’re Mine (Tomato)

7) DAS EFX – Mic Checka (EastWest Records America)

8) The Cocoa Brovaz feat Dawn Penn, Nyoka Nicholas & Geraldine Nicholas – Spit Again (Duck

Down Records)

9) X Clan – Verbal Milk (4 th & B’way)

10) Michael Henderson – Treat Me Like A Man (Buddah Records)

11) Eloise Laws – Baby You Lied (ABC Records)

12) Fred Simon featuring Amalia – Island Of Magic (The Sleepers Recordz)

13) Nathan Hines featuring Shelley Nelson – Believe (Chilli Funk)

14) Geraldine Hunt – Gotta Give A Little Love (Prism)

15) Change – Heaven Of My Life (Atlantic)

16) Biddu & The Orchestra – Boogiethon (Epic)

17) Crown Heights Affair – Use Your Body & Soul (De-Lite Records)

18) Houston Person – Pure Pleasure (Mercury)

19) EVM128 ft Omar – Beyond (Studio Rockers)

20) Luke Fono ft BB James – 4Real (Original Mix) (Local Talk)

21) Roy Davis Jr. – I Am (Friendsome Records)

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