Krunk Kulture: Flavours of the East with Archit Shetye

Flavours of the East is a radio show on Worldwide FM presented by Krunk Kulture, a record label based outta India. The show aims to showcase the most exciting electronic & different styles of contemporary music coming out of India & the subcontinent. Krunk Kulture is part of Krunk (, one of India's oldest running events & artist management agencies pushing electronic and live music in India since 2009. Krunk Kulture is operated by DJ / Producer / & Label head, Sohail Arora.

This episode is hosted by Mumbai based music writer/creative Archit Shetye who has recently joined the record label team. He celebrates the release of Krunk Kulture's latest power-packed compilation 'Jaljeera'. The episode takes a deep dive into the club-centric 21-track compilation, which happens to be the fourth instalment of the label's cutting-edge 'Flavours of the East' series.

[1st Hour]

Alboe - White [Krunk Kulture]

Oceantied - We Are Going Away [Krunk Kulture]

Outlier - Peacock Effect [Krunk Kulture]

Ox7gen - Moon Module [Krunk Kulture]

Sandunes - E.P.P.S

Bonehead - Voices [Krunk Kulture]

Alboe - Trigger [Krunk Kulture]

Asvajit, Nigel Perera - Soothe [Krunk Kulture]

Donn Bhat - Stars Align

Sid Vashi - Transmission

Baalti - Aame [Krunk Kulture]

Zabgang - Norton [Krunk Kulture]

Inspector Maal - Forgotten Graves [Krunk Kulture]

[2nd Hour]

Blurry Slurry - First Time Lucky [Krunk Kulture]

Moreno - Rubberband [Krunk Kulture]

adL x kly - Vivid Drmz [Krunk Kulture]

Rafiki - Funky Acid Party [Krunk Kulture]

Knique - Rob Gets a 505 [Krunk Kulture]

Noni-Mouse - Down on the Metal [Krunk Kulture]

Venky - Get Me Out [Krunk Kulture]

Baalti - Ustad [Krunk Kulture]

Maddeof, One Plus Zero - Strawhats [Krunk Kulture]

Sintaro Fujita - Tonka [Krunk Kulture]

Inspector Maal - Leg High Grass [Krunk Kulture]

Ox7gen - Voyager [Krunk Kulture]

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