Label Fair: Chuwanaga // 06-05-2019

Worldwide FM Label Fair is a mix / mixtape series to introduce passionate record labels, who champion new releases and re-issues. Chuwanaga is a French label born in 2017 and based in Paris just like its two founders, Parisian deejays Saint-James and Clémentine. From jazz-funk to mellow grooves, the label brings back musicality on the dancefloors. They release quality licenced and remastered reissues of lost or forgotten tunes but also new music from today’s talents. In this week's Chuwanaga only mix, they are bringing together all different releases from the label to define their sound, their inspirations from the past and references to the future. Some unreleased material in the mix, more is coming in the next months.

Koji Ono - Odoru [Chuwanaga]
SunPalace - If You Wanna Be A Beggar [Chuwanaga]
Potion - City Girls [Chuwanaga]
Congress - Something That You Got (Real Hot) [Chuwanaga]
World Series - Head Over Heels [Chuwanaga]
World Series - Try It Out [Chuwanaga]
Inch By Inch - If It’s Magic (We Don’t Want It) [Chuwanaga]
Yeow Band - Energy [Chuwanaga]
Equa - In The Red [Chuwanaga]
Koji Ono - So High [Chuwanaga]
Index - Starlight (The Break) [Chuwanaga]
Kalima - (Where Is The) Sunshine (Pt. I & Pt. II Mixed - Digital Bonus) [Chuwanaga]
SunPalace - Somebody’s Watching [Chuwanaga]

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