Label Fair: Discs of Fun and Love // 02-03-20

Worldwide FM Label Fair is a mix / mixtape series to introduce passionate record labels, who champion new releases and re-issues. Discs of Fun and Love shine a light on forgotten music and focus on bringing lost, soulful treasures to the dance floor once more. In this mix, you'll see traces of what they represent - from the lazy Sunday sessions to the Friday late night parties, with a few upcoming releases. Tracklist:

Richie Havens – Sugarplums [Verve Records]
Sweet Mixture – I Love You [Discs of Fun and Love]
Imani – Just Another Love Song [Mad About Records]
The Chris Rhodes Band – Got A New Lease On Love [Sound Boutique]
Mandisa – Summer Love [El Leo]
Patrick Gammon – When Can I See You [Metronome]
D J Rogers – All I Gave Him Was My Heart [Hope Song]
Flora Purim – Angels [Milestone]
Solat – Try, Try [Mr Bongo]
Allspice – Slipped Away [At-Home]
Webster Lewis – El Bobo [Epic]
Hilton Felton – Bee Bop Boogie [SHOUT! Productions]
Pure Funk – Nothing Left Is Real [Planet Earth]
Sons Of Slum – Music Is The Message [Cordial]
Rochelle Rabouin – This Is My Year [Discs of Fun and Love]
Lewis Taylor – Whoever [Island]
Mave & Dave – You Are Delicious [Red Stripe]

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