Lamaisonmusiq: Fred & Thomas

Lamaisonmusiq mix live meditation and music with partners DJ Pegasvs and yoga teacher Fred Butler. Broadcasting in response to the pandemic, their wish is to generate a positive wave of energy to resonate over the airwaves for reconnection in this fractured time.

This month they focus on ecology to wrap up the events of the COP26 conference to keep the conversations flowing. They mix live recordings from the Global Day of Action for Climate Justice protest with guest contributors. Heka share tips on how to make climate positive changes to imagine more exciting sustainable futures. Our tracklist takes a journey from “The Creator Has a Master Plan” to “Computer Incantations For World Peace”.

Phil Stroud


Lion's Drums

Alouatta (hembra)

Sons Of Kemet

My Queen Is Nanny Of The Maroons

Alfa Mist

Bumper Cars

Matthew Halsall

Salute to the Sun

Soil Pimp Sessions

Planet Caravan

Dezron Douglas, Brandee Younger

The Creator Has a Master Plan

Mary Lattimore

Wawa by the Ocean

Fila Brazillia

Subtle Body [souel]



Web Web x Max Herre Web

Satori Ways (feat. Brandee Younger)

Holland Andrews



Unfolding (Momentum 73)




Emergency on Planet Earth

Jean-Luc Ponty

Computer Incantations For World Peace

Angela Bofill

People Make the World Go 'Round

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