Le Mellotron: Anders with LeonxLeon // 24-01-2019

Weekly show with Le Mellotron, a Parisian radio station located in a bar in the bohemian Republique district. For this week's show, Anders will be joined by LeonxLeon.

Ill Considered - Ward [Ill Considered]
Theon Cross, Moses Boyd, Wayne Francis - Ciya [Theon Cross]
Lund - Love’s Madness [Lund Quartet]
Russ Long - Never Was Love [Norma Blu]
Lucas Arruda - Perdidos E Bobos [Favorite Recordings]
Adriana - Contigo [Favorite Recordings]
Evie Sands - You Can Do It [13th Moon Recordings]
Mndsgn - I Do Love [Stones Throw Records]
Peter Matson - 3AM To Sete [Bastard Jazz Recordings]
Auntie Flo - Mame’s Story (Featuring Mame Ndiack) [Auntie Flo]
Ivan Conti - Poison Fruit [Far Out Recordings]
Captain Planet - Bubuj [Captain Planet]
Marica - For All Time [Invitation]
Yuji Toriyama - Donna [キャニオン・インターナショナル]
Amin Peck - My Frames [Peecker Melody]‎
Paul Atreides - Thinking Machines [Going Home]
U Turn - Where Are You Going [Unknown]
David Koven - Samba Maria [Parlophone France]
Elie Medeiros - La Chanson Du Poisson [Universal Music Division Barclay]
Countach- Aqua Marina [New Music International]
Tania Alves - Tanta Saudade [Discos CBS]
Special Occasion - Flying To Santa Barbara [Nunk Records]
David Achee - Drug Situation [Charlo's Productions]
Anik Et Janklod - Sakaje Mwen [Debs]
Private Eye - Totally Conviced [Fantasy Records]
Ginni Gallan - L’Amour Ca Rend Fou [CBS]
Mark Adams - I Know Your Mind [FDT]

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