Le Mellotron: Anders with Mambo Chick // 28-11-19

Selector Anders Sicre broadcasts direct from Parisian cafe and radio institution Le Mellotron for their latest weekly transmission. For this week's show, Anders is joined by record digger Mambo Chick for a guest mix. Tracklist: https://worldwidefm.net/show/le-mellotron-and…with-mambo-chick/

Antoine Berjeaut & Makaya McCraven - The New Untitled (Potomac Avenue) [I See Colors]
Aron Ottignon - Song For Lensa [Self Release]
Donna McGhee - It Ain't No Big Thing [Cavalcade Records]
Mambo Chick //
Azi Ka - Viré [Unknown]
Hamac - Suzy [Rythmes et Musique]
M Ramsey X - Wai Fout [Unknown]
The Henry Wenceslas Thenard Band - Pa Normal [LM Production]
Michel Godzom - Vermicelle Caco Doux [GD Productions]
Big Band Ulysse - Vacances [Ulysse Production]
Ophelia - Caribbean Music [Unknown]
Trepidant’s - Robot [Soma]
Mystik - Râpâ [Blue Planet]
Cooperative Un Point Un Trait - Kiamukoko [Savas-Iguane]
Mantra - Baile Mi Hermana [Hit Parade]
Laser - Miaou [Disques Guérry]
Mantra - Pitchet Yo [Hit Parade]
Anders //
Da Lata - Dakar [Self Release]
Franco, Simaro, Jolie Detta & Le Tpok Jazz - Massu [Tamasha Corp. Ltd.]
David Walters - Manyé [Unknown]
Henry Wenceslas Thenard - Ne Dis Pas Cela [Atangana Records]
Erik Cosaque - Jean La Line La Cléré [Heavenly Sweetness]
Surprise Chef - Flip Shelton [College of Knowledge Records]
Izu - Moon On The Water [R135 Tracks]

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