Le Mellotron: Anders with Neil Bopperson and Diola // 23-05-19

Weekly show with Le Mellotron, a Parisian radio station located in a bar in the bohemian Republique district. Anders is joined by a regular at Le Mellotron, Neil Bopperson and soul, funk and Hip Hop DJ Diola for a selection and a little chat.

Cochemea - Al-Mu’tasim
Al Doum & The Faryds - Light Up
Kat-Tet - Nikita
The Mauskovic Dance Band - Tuto Bay
Myele Manzanza - One Point One [First Word Records]
Ross McHenry - Child Of Somebody [First Word Records]
Jillien Dyne - Madiggos
Jullien Dyne ft. Mara TK - Layer
Jordan Rakei - Rolling Into One [Ninja Tune]
Godtet - Alice [La Sape]
Avantdale Bowling Club – Years Gone By [White Label]
PlaneFace – Duke Flukem [Low Key Source]
Avila Brothers – I WANT YOU [BMG]
Mohi – Jupiter Holiday [Low Key Source]
Unreleased - Unreleased
PlanetSelf – High Tide [White Label]
Godtet – Enumerating [La Sapa Records]
Sampology – Smile [Soul Has No Tempo]
Flo Sanders (El Barrio Recipe) - African Superstar (CMAN EDIT)
Unreleased - Unreleased
Valley Of Peace – Teymori
Unreleased - Unreleased
Guest What - Al-Khawarismi
Derya Yildirim - Oy Oy Emine
Damily - Fiaina Sarotsy
Gerardo Frisina - Soul 70 (Gerardo Frisina Live Rework)

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