Live From Brussels: Lefto Early Bird

Brussels don Lefto brings his monthly show direct from the Belgian capital.

sault - air
space ghost & teddy bryant - relax your mind
Leroy "Horsemouth" Wallace - leroy
action bronson - subzero
chunky - gng
pusha t - brambleton
frank leone - from the jump
henry keen - breakfast ft. ben hadwen
likwid biskit - sound orgy
loleatta holloway - hit and run
manhattan rhythm - sweet lady
tone control - illusion (theo parrish translation)
earth, wind & fire - the need of love
tata vasquez and his orchestra - suite guaracho part 2 coco lagos y sus orates - tumba
ti l’afrique - pop soul sega
nicola cruz - pulso invisible
black nile - red sun
keiyaa - camille’s daughter
syd - no way
lonnie smith - call of the wild
lander & adriaan - skutskurali
earth, wind & fire - ponta de areia

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