Lockdown Sessions with Louie Vega: Celebrating Luther Vandross with The FANDROSS FAMILY // 01-07-20

In addition to his monthly show, Open Air Sessions, Louie Vega presents his Lockdown Sessions on Worldwide FM. Today, Louie Vega celebrates the power of music of legendary Luther Vandross and shines light on his musical history. Louie connects with the members of FANDROSS, the only authentic and official team composed of his family, lifelong friends, singers, musicians and staff who continue to carry on the musical legacy of Luther Vandross. Tune in to hear testimonials and stories from Ivan Hampton Jr., Lisa Fischer, Kevin Owens, Carlos Alomar, Robin Clark, Alfa Anderson, Seveda Williams, Ava Cherry, Cindy Mizelle, Fonzi Thornton, Max Szadek, Brenda White King, Euriel Barfield, Tawatha Agee, Keith Fluitt.

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