Mari* with Ichiko Aoba

Japanese singer/songwriter Ichiko Aoba was in London recently for her sold-out Barbican show. She joins Mari* in the studio as they listen and talk about her most acclaimed work to date "Windswept Adan", as well as special live recordings from her Denmark concert, where Ichiko performed for music students. The show also features Ichiko's selections.

Ichiko Aoba - Pilgrimage [Hermine]

Ichiko Aoba - Ichiko Aoba – Mazel Tov (Live at Ginza Sony Park (July 3, 2020)) [Bandcamp]

Ichiko Aoba – Porcelain [Hermine]

Meitei - Nami

Ichiko Aoba - Horo [Hermine]

Ichiko Aoba - Hagupit [Hermine]

Ichiko Aoba - Parfum d'étoiles [Hermine]

Ichiko Aoba - Kirinaki Shima [Hermine]

Ichiko Aoba - Space Orphans (Live at Humble Boarding School)

Ichiko Aoba –  Bouquet (Live at Humble Boarding School)

Arooj Aftab – Suroor [New Amsterdam]

Mary Lattimore - Wawa by the Ocean [Ghostly International]

Yo La Tengo - Big Day Coming [Matador Records]

Craig Leon - Four Floods Of The Point [RVNG]

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