Match&Fuse: Debra Richards // 08-07-20

Representing the alternative in European music and attitude, Match&Fuse takes up Worldwide FM’s purpose of uncovering artists hell-bent on staying true to themselves. With a focus on new releases by European artists from Italy, France, Ireland, Belgium, Sweden and Slovenia the show features Lynn Cassiers, Big Bad Wolf, Lara Jones, Koma Saxo and Aksak Maboul. There is a live recording courtesy of The Vortex club (London) of the trio Punkt Vrt Plastik and a remix of LA-based vocalist, Lady Blackbird. Tracklist:

Lynn Cassiers / YUN – Nimbus [Clean Feed Recs]

Lara Jones – St. Pancras

Big Bad Wolf – English Man

Koma Saxo – Jagd feat JamesZoo [WeJazz]

Filippo Cosentino - Antes de Decir Adios [Incipit/Egea Music]

Maria Chiara Argirò + Jamie Leeming – Retrograde [Cavalo Records]

Susana Santos Silva – SAME

Ríoghnach Connolly - Black is the Colour

Valerie June – The Hour [Concord Records]

Moodymann - Let Me In [Mahogani Music]

Otis Sandsjö / Y-Otis - Abysmal [WeJazz]

Rymden – Pilgramstad [Jazzland Recordings]

Egopusher – Beyond [Quiet Love Records]

Lynn Cassiers / YUN – Move Them Mountains [Clean Feed Recs]

Aksak Maboul – Silhouettes [Crammed Discs]

Tony Williams - There Comes a Time [Polydor Records]

Serum, Paul T & Edward Oberon - Moon in Your Eyes [V Recordings]

Isabel Sörling - Turn Off the Lights [IKI Records]

Punkt Vrt Plastik – Live at the Vortex [courtesy of The Vortex]

Greg Foat – Anticipation [Strut Recs]

N.E.R.D. - Don't Don't Do It! feat. Kendrick Lamar [i am OTHER / Columbia]

Mattias De Craene – Lady Dady [W.E.R.F. Records]

Seán Mac Erlaine & Sadhbh Ni Dhalaigh - The Melting Song [Ergodos]

Will Epstein – Trust II [Other People]

Lady Blackbird - Blackbird (Foremost Poets Adventure) [Foundation Music]

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