Match&Fuse: Debra Richards

Looking back over the last few years of this Match&Fuse show, Debra brings together some of the music that has really stayed with her. There is the usual focus on new styles of European music from artists who stay true to themselves, and on women composers and bandleaders. However there is one classic track played at the very end to complete this love letter to the listeners, to Worldwide FM and all the creative artists that bring so much to our lives.

Snowpoet - Early Feelings [Edition Records]

Loraine James – 10°C [Hyperdub]

Sam Gendel – Toridasuki (interlaced circles of two birds) [Leaving Records]

Chelsea Carmichael – Noor [Native Rebel]

LIUN + the Science Fiction Band - Bright Eye (feat. Johannes Lauer) [Heartcore Records]

Nardeydey – FreeFalling [Lucky Number Music]

Emma-Jean Thackray – Spectre [Movementt]

Soccer96 - Sitting On A Satellite (feat. Salami Rose Joe Louis) [Moshi Moshi Records]

Comet is Coming - Final Eclipse [The Leaf Label]

Otis Sandsjö - YUNG (feat Petter Eldh, Elias Stemeseder & Tilo Weber) [We Jazz]

Benedicte Maurseth - Heilo (feat. Rolf-Erik Nystrøm) [Hubro]

You - I Dreamt a Quadrangular Stone

Esinam - Deep In My Soul [W.E.R.F. Records]

Wessel - Stellar Legions [Sdban Ultra]

Wu-Lu - Slightly [Warp Records]

District Five – Toxic Blood [A Tree in a Field]

Sabrina Bellaouel - Arab Liquor [InFiné]

Denise Chaila – Move [Narolane Records]

Jeshi - Protein (feat. Obongjayar) [Because Music]

Aksak Maboul - Silhouettes [Crammed Discs]

Klaus Johann Grobe – Vergangenes [Trouble in Mind]

J = J – Couple

\ \ \ Joanna Duda interview from Rebel Spirits II / / /

Music bed: Joanna Duda Trio – Grasshopper [Echo Production]

Arve Henriksen - Valley Echolocation [Rune Grammofon]

Empirical – Substrate

Binker and Moses - The Valley of the Ultra Blacks [Gearbox Records]

Julie Campiche Quartet – The Other's Share [Enja Records]

SAULT – Miracles [Forever Living Originals]

Terry Callier – Dancing Girl [Cadet Records]

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