Match&Fuse: Debra Richards

Representing the alternative in European music and attitude, Match&Fuse takes up Worldwide FM’s purpose of uncovering artists hell-bent on staying true to themselves.

New and future releases blend with classic tracks as this month's show leans into music of grace and feeling. With jazz as a starting point, current artists are pivoting and shifting to reflect their own world and personalities including Esinam from Brussels, Marco Woolf in Manchester, Marie Kruttli in Berlin, Dan Nicholls and Theon Cross in London and uKhoiKhoi from Johannesburg.

Dan Nicholls – Those Hills Hold You [We Jazz]

Marie Kruttli - 30 Traps

Nino Ferrer and Radiah Frye – Looking for You [Ace Records/CBS]

Tåpp Collective – Viology

Theon Cross - We Go Again

Mario Rom's INTERZONE – Eternal Fiction [Traumton Records]

uKhoiKhoi – Qabela

Loraine James - Built to Last (feat Xzavier Stone) [Hyperdub]

Hector Plimmer - Wall Street (feat. Andrew Ashong) (Matthew Herbert's Street Dub) [Albert's


Shitney - Booby Marinada [ILK Records]

Pete La Roca - Lazy Afternoon [Blue Note]

Cortex - Chanson d'un Jour d'Hiver [Ace Records/Disque Espérance]

Dan Nicholls – Mattering and Meaning [We Jazz]

NP – Grinning Through Dust [Ruptured Records]

Krust – It's A Lot (Calibre remix) [Crosstown Rebels]

Echo Juliet – Affirmation [Allison Recordings]

Flukten – Mellomspill [Odin Records]

SORBET – The Candle [Bureau B]

Marco Woolf – With Love & Squalor [Phlexx]

Esinam - Let It Be [W.E.R.F. Records]

David Crosby - Song With No Words (Tree With No Leaves) [Atlantic Records]

Rosie Turton - Part II

Funkadelic – I Miss My Baby [Westbound/Ace Records]

Contour – Jewel (feat Niecy Blues) [Good Question Records]

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