Match&Fuse: Debra Richards

Representing the alternative in European music and attitude, Match&Fuse takes up Worldwide FM’s purpose of uncovering artists hell-bent on staying true to themselves.

It's a vinyl-only special this month with Debra playing music from the last sixty years. Exploring her
collection, the blues of Taj Mahal and John Lee Hooker get to see the light of day with a classic
from Herbie Hancock and live performance from Ornette Coleman. There are '80s tracks from Ben
Watt and A Guy Called Gerald and more recent releases from Erland Dahlen, Nardeydey and

Plaistow – Helene [DYFL/Plaistow Music]

3TM – Seven Keys [We Jazz]

Cassandra Wilson – Black and Yellow [JMT]

Ahmad Jamal – Bogota [Pye Jazz]

Johnny Keating – Key Case [Warner Bros.]

Lucia Cadotsch's Speak Low – What's New/There Comes A Time [We Jazz]

Comet is Coming – Unity [Impulse!]

MDC III – Call 349 [W.E.R.F. Records]

Iokoi – Petallike [Ous Records]

A Guy Called Gerald – Emotions Electric [Strange Fruit Records]

Photek – Hidden Camera (Static Mix) [Virgin Records]

Herbie Hancock – Actual Proof [Columbia Records]

Merry Clayton – Southern Man [Ode Records]

Taj Mahal – Oh Mama Don't You Know [CBS Records]

John Lee Hooker – Country Boy [Jasmine Records]

Prophets of Soul – Changing Things [Dakar Records]

Dark Horse – XY [We Jazz]

Erland Dahlen – Desert [Hubro Records]

Arve Henriksen – Tilia Cordata [Rune Grammofon]

Ben Watt – Some Things Don't Matter [Cherry Red Records]

Nardeydey – Freefalling [Lucky Number Music]

Rufus ft Chaka Khan – Better Days [ABC Records]

East African Cosmos – M'Raude [Plein Gaz Productions]

Ornette Coleman Trio – Snowflakes and Sunshine [Blue Note]

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