Match&Fuse: Debra Richards with Graham McKenzie // 13-11-19

Representing the alternative in European music and attitude, Match&Fuse takes up Worldwide FM’s purpose of uncovering artists hell-bent on staying true to themselves. Autumn brings an influx of new releases from Arve Henriksen, Jenny Hval, Kit Downes, Tomeka Reid and Tobias Preisig amongst others. The Match&Fuse show dips into these and music from artists playing at the EFG London Jazz Festival. This month Debra interviews the director of hcmf// (the Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival) about the risks he takes in programming new works, that no one has yet heard.

Jenny Hval - Ordinary [Sacred Bones Records]
Arve Henriksen - Groundswell [Rune Grammafon Recs]
Tobias Preisig - [Love Recs]
LIUN + the Science Fiction Band - Cats [Enja/Yellowbird Recs]
Tomeka Reid - Old New [Cuneiform Recs]
Laura Jurd - Companion Species [Edition Recs]
Ruth Goller - M1 [unreleased]
Kyrie Kristmanson - Mon Héroine [to be released Jan 2020]
Fran and Flora - Departures
District Five - 3 [white label]
Mopcut - Aquamarine [Trost Records]
Joanna Duda - Marc
Kit Downes - Blackeye [ECM]
Ann Cleare - eyam v (woven)
Claudia Molitor - Decay
Dexter Gordon - Stairway to the Stars [Blue Note]
Elaine Elias - Angel Eyes [Concord Jazz]
Leïla Martial Baabox– Warm Canto [Laborie Jazz]
Svaneborg Kardyb feat. Eline Hellerud Åsbakk - Et Lite Øyeblikk Bare
OY - Made of Love [Crammed Discs]
Zeñel - Bi [white label]
The Brums - Fuzzy [The Brums EP]
Craig Taborn, Reid Anderson & Dave King - Song One [Intakt Recs]

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