Match&Fuse: Debra Richards with Rebekah Reid

Representing the alternative in European music and attitude, Match&Fuse takes up Worldwide FM’s purpose of uncovering artists hell-bent on staying true to themselves.

Violinist Rebekah Reid is a founder of the Tåpp Collective and talks to Debra about her debut album and the support from 'families' of artists like the new Scrapbook Mixtape. Rebekah also describes the prejudice she encountered whilst studying classical violin and her determination to express herself. There is music from Scrapbook Mixtape, and friends of Rebekah: Elixir, Sophie Cameron and Francesca Ter-Berg. There are also new releases from northern-based artists Sarah Heneghan aka Power Out, Emma Johnson's Gravy Boat and Faye MacCalman's Archipelago.

LULA.XYZ – One Step Forward

Francesca Ter-Berg – Me Sunowa [Phantom Limb]

Koma Saxo - Erzeben Koma [We Jazz]

The Brums – Barbara

Sary Moussa – Silvershine [Ruptured Records]

Rebekah Reid – Streams

George Tatenda - My Baby

Archipelago – Gold [New Jazz & Improvised Music]

N∆BOU - You Know [Outnote Records]

Hugh Masekela – Inner Crisis [Chisa/Blue Thumb]

Power Out – Heckler

SORBET / Arborist - Only For The Young [Bureau B]

Kaukolampi - Part VIII [We Jazz]

Elixir – Opia


Music by Rebekah Reid and Tåpp Collective: Chasing the Sun / Whale Song / Never Knew Why

(instrumental) / Streams and Tåpp Collective – Never Knew Why (vocal)

Sabrina Bellaouel – She Don't Care [InFiné Records]

Audiojack ft Kevin Knapp - Under Your Skin [Crosstown Rebels]

Sophie Cameron – Dead to You []

Kinematik – Lalochezia [Ruptured Records]

Emma Johnson's Gravy Boat – Sun Stones

Marco Woolf - Anxiety

Cedric Brooks & the Mystic Revelation Of Rastafari – Rockfort Rock [Visions]

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