Match&Fuse with Debra Richards // 14-10-20

Representing the alternative in European music and attitude, Match&Fuse takes up Worldwide FM’s purpose of uncovering artists hell-bent on staying true to themselves. Match&Fuse reflects a personal mood this month and includes piano pieces from Jacob Anderskov, Maria Chiara Agirò and Luzius Schuler plus a live recording of Kit Downes with Lucy Railton (organ & cello). There are new releases from Denis Chaila, Bandler Ching, Sc'ööf and Strings & Timpani plus food for the soul from Roberta Flack and Duke Ellington.

Maxine Yolanda – Sunrise Without Palm Trees [self-released]

Kit Downes – By the Sea - Stokkseyri feat. Lucy Railton [self-released]

Blue Daisy – My Heart [self-released]

Strings & Timpani - Sons Francais [Hubro Recs]

Denise Chaila - Move [Narolane Records]

Binker Golding - Fluorescent Black [Gearbox]

Shirley Tetteh – Freefalling [Lucky Number]

Bandler Ching – Pousmousse [Sdban Ultra]

Svaneborg Kardyb – Post [Blikflak Records]

Maria Chiara Argirò + Jamie Leeming - Kōsetsu [Cavalo Records]

Lucia Cadotsch Speak Low – By This River [WeJazz Records]

Gaspard Sommer - Le Feu feat. Elena [to be released]

Zara McFarlane - Saltwater [Songs of an Unknown Tongue, Brownswood Records]

The Saints - Sleeping Trees [Studio One]

Jacob Anderskov - Alfa Ruin [ILK Music]

Valerie June - Astral Plane [Caroline International]

Maya Jane Coles - Won't Let You Down [I/AM/ME label]

Rudimental + the Martinez brothers – No Fear feat. Donna Missel [Major Tom's]

DJ Krust - The Fundamentalist [Speed label]

Sc'ööf – Ruminant [Club Dänemark]

Sorbet – Living/Dying (feat. Arborist) [Bureau B]

Luzius Schuler – Laub [Ronin Rhythm Records]

Roberta Flack – Compared to What [Atlantic Recs]

Duke Ellington - Fleurette Africaine [United Artists Jazz]

SAULT – Sorry Ain't Enough [Forever Living Originals]

Sarathy Korwar - City of Words (feat. TRAP POJU & Mirande) [Leaf label]

Music beds: Huntsville- The Unshot [Hubro] and Wonky Logic – OkayO [self-released]

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