MidnightRoba with Gabriel Jermaine Vanlandingham-Dunn

In her monthly show, London based singer, songwriter and producer MidnightRoba plays a selection of jazz and the jazz-inspired; from classic to contemporary, soul to fusion, downtempo electronic to broken beat.

With dreams of liberation at the heart of the show, this month MidnightRoba celebrates the sound and circle of civil rights activist Abbey Lincoln with a selection of jazz and the jazz-influenced, contemporary and soulful, from LA to London, Durban to Jerusalem. Roba is joined by guest host, Black American Music historian, Gabriel Jermaine Vanlandingham-Dunn.


Abbey Lincoln - Caged Bird

Max Roach - Liberté

Bheki Mseleku - Looking within

Abbey Lincoln - Left Alone

Roy Haynes - Equipoise

Max Roach - Let Thy People Go

Anthony Joseph - Swing Praxis

Wissam Murrad - Lament of Jesus

Gabriel Jermaine Vanlandingham-Dunn:

Elizabeth Cotten – Take Me Back to Baltimore

Larry Young – African Blues

Les McCann - Benjamin

The Jazz Crusaders – Freedom Sound

Ahmed Adbul Malik - Magrebi

Bilal Abdurahman – Tone Poem Mysterioso

Space Afrika – Gwabh

The Twilite Tone – It’s You/ Issues

Sven Wunder - Impasto

Jon Lucien – Rashida

Joyce - Aldeia De Ogum

Alexis Lombre - Come Find Me

Maria Grand - Creation: Interlude

Cosmic Transitions by Isaiah Collier and the Chosen Few - Part III: Understanding/Part IV: Truth & Guidance

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