MLE // 08-07-2019

Emily Hill AKA MLE is part of the team behind Rhythm Section and International Black, keeping things ticking over at the labels and helping to curate their regular club nights. Growing up surrounded by grass fields and perpetual boredom, MLE spent much of her formative years escaping to the virtual realm, exploring the endless depths of electronic music and digital culture that early Web 2.0 had to offer. An early interest into music came from playing piano, clarinet and drums; informing her current eclectic taste that takes you from breaks & bass, to New Yorkian leftfield, to clanging Drexian electro. MLE brings her love of weird party bangers together with a warrior spirit aimed at breaking down gender imbalance within dance music. A true party instigator, MLE’s talent and dedication is remarkable, and her growth as an artist and selector shows no signs of stopping anytime soon.

Damon Eliza Palermo - Yogi Am
Sea Urchin - Aynen Btethadda' Fi Ba'd
Another - Paris Tribe
Krikor - Golds Gym
Pineapples Feat. Douglas Roop - Come On Closer
Tommy Mandel - I Just Want You To Love Me
Whodamanny - Troublemaker
Decadance - On And On (Dub Version)
Gary Numan - Moral
Mazzo - V70
MB22 - Paloma's Dream

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