MLE with Holloway

Exploring bass excursions from MLE's set at dimensions before heading into a club ready set from dance music connoisseur, London based DJ and producer Holloway. Having released on labels such as Dr Banana, Instinct, Time Is Now, Sony and Eglo Records he continues to push the boundaries of UK music with his inimitable take on swinging drum patterns and low-end mechanics. Influenced by the darker end of the spectrum, his DJ sets and productions display a functional, elating & UKG-influenced sound, somehow nostalgic whilst offering something completely new.

PAUL - Preservo

Amnezzia - Ghetto Blasta

BSS - Het Stenen Hoofd

MFA - Fracture

Helix - Aqua Wormhole (rmx)

Metrist - Nathanielismo

Moktar - I Get Deep

Bianca Oblivion - Bad Gyal

Q-Tip - Breathe & Stop

Dusky - Flo Jam (Logic1000 remix)

Cockroach - Fluffy (Flo Miz)

Sleep D - Bass’d in Berlin

Ubahnrider - Poppin It

Turk Turkelton - Pony

Louis Culture - 7AM


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