MLE with Jabes // 04-03-20

MLE brings her love of weird party bangers together with a warrior spirit aimed at breaking down gender imbalance within dance music. A true party instigator, MLE’s talent and dedication is remarkable, and her growth as an artist and selector shows no signs of stopping anytime soon. Jabes is a London based producer from Leeds who has remixed 96back alongside Happa and has recently released an EP with new label ‘klunk’. Tracklist:

Cult of Dom Keller - Swamp Heron [Self Release]
Ceramic Hello - Geometry [ICE MACHINE]
L.F.T. - Zerstore Eine Stadt ft. Rosaceae [Eye For An Eye Recordings]
Captain Mustache - Mentally Naked ft. Chicks On Speed [My Favourite Robot Records]
??? - Believe Master [Loose Fit Records]
Marc Ash - Stenography Speed Test [Self Release]
// Jabe Guest Mix //
Wetware - Silver Screen [Bank Records]
Forest Management - Seventh Times The Charm [American Dreams Records]
Sin Falta - Diamonds [OYE Records]
Jonquera - Umamami
Survive - Cutthroat (Lena Wilikins Remix)
Bamba Pana - Poaa Remix
Unknown - Show Time Mix
Katatonic Silentio - Infrastructure Disintegrating
Cosmic TRG - Beton Brut
david Goldberg - EMO Serialism
Zaliva D - Gone With The Pest
Ape - GRRL Dub
Cassius - Somebody
ANFS - Olatatzi
SHxCHxSHxSH - ggg
Mehwert - For Labour Musician Jonathan Wittman
Marc Ash - Pray For Me [Self Release]
JASSS - Turbo Olé
nasty king kurl - no thanks
Shiver - Subsonic soundscape
Plastique De Reve - Do It
CCL - Planet Europhrique

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