Morning Mari* w. Rob-san // 17-04-20

Good Morning World! Tune in as Mari* looks to the day ahead with upcoming shows and tunes in her 15 minute mini breakfast show. Plus! Reflective features such as on Mondays psychotherapist Joshua Fletcher with his positive advice for the week, Charlie Inman enlighten us with phrases from around the world with Words on Wednesdays, and extended shipping forecast with melodies every Friday with Rob-san AKA General Rubbish AKA Earl Zinger. Tracklist:

Monday 13 April
nemui pj - nemui time [flau]
Kieran Hebden & Steve Reid - The Sun Never Sets (Holden Remix) [Domino]
Hector Plimmer - Precipice [Stamp the Wax]
JOSHUA F feature
Daniel Brandt - Cherry Dream [Erased Tapes]
Tuesday 14 April
nemui pj - nemui time [flau]
Prequel - The World Is Love [Stamp the Wax]
Rejoicer - Aura Sight [Stones Throw]
Greg Fox - From the Cessation of What [RVNG]
Wednesday 15 April
nemui pj - nemui time [flau]
Olsvanger - 2120  [Stamp the Wax]
Otis Sandsjö - tremendoce [WeJazz]
Charlie Inman - Words Wednesdays "KAFUNE"
Populous & Emmanuelle - Flores No Mar [Wonderwheel Recordings]
Thursday 16 April
nemui pj - nemui time [flau]
Roos Jonker & Dean Tippet - Love Like That [Sonar Kollektiv ]
Anna Wall - Solitude [Stamp the Wax]
Jamael Dean - Infant Eyes [Stones Throw]
Friday 17 April
nemui pj - nemui time [flau]
L'Impératrice - Fou [MICROQLIMA RECORDS]
Pletnev - Linear Algebra [Stamp the Wax]
Rob-san - Extended Shipping Forecast
Jamie XX - Idontknow [XL]

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