Morning Mari* with Sareeta Domingo and Rob-san

Good Morning World! Worldwide FM’s head of programming Mari* sends a positive morning signal and looks to the day ahead with upcoming shows and music vitamins in a 30 minute bite size breakfast show. Sareeta Domingo, author and editor, presents "Book of the Months" for readers and a special shipping & space forecast is brought to you by Rob-san AKA The Diabolical Liberties AKA Earl Zinger AKA Rob Gallagher. It's the very last show – Thank you for your support.

Albums of the week:
Batida - Neon Colonialismo [Crammed Discs]
The Brother Moves On-$/He Who Feeds You...Owns You [Native Rebel]

Teebs - Marcel [Brainfeeder]

Toshio Matsuura Group - Change [Universal/Brownswood]

The Brother Moves On – Sphila [Native Rebel]

Batida - Hmmm feat. Bonga [Crammed Disc]

Sareeta Domingo - Notes on Heartbreak by Vogue journalist Annie Lord

Emma-Jean Thackray – Yellow [Movementt]

Rob-san – Shipping Forecast

Kalima - (Where Is The) Sunshine Pt. I [Chuwanaga]

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