Mother A.I. Radio: Air Texture

From the California Coast Sunset for the London Sunrise. Air Texture founder James Healy presents new and rare ambient, new age, spoken word, and other experimental bliss.

Nairobi’s electronic music scene is quite eclectic, featuring diverse styles of music creating personal narratives by the artists, musicians and producers. This curation features a glimpse of the different styles of music coming out of Nairobi's electronic music scene.

From the sampled based productions of MR.LU* who has been reintroducing Kenyan traditional folklore and narratives in his electronic production; Barno, who blends ambient with elegant piano sounds; to Nabalayo’s ‘Changanya’ style - a modernized folk music form that is built on the aesthetics of local folk music in Kenya - James pulls selected tracks from the album.

The Skylarks - Make Us One (Gallo Record Company)

Quincy Jones & Toots Thielemans - Velas (Verve)

Pijenda - Owufo (Akumba Music)

L3GS - JADI (Air Texture) - from Place: Nairobi

Ndabo Zulu & Umgidi Ensemble - Ngovivi (Mageba Music)

MR. LU* - Kinanda (Air Texture) from Place: Nairobi

DJ Danifox - Aguenta (Principe)

Kasai Allstars - Olooh, A War Dance For Peace (CrammedDisks)

Montparnasse Musique - Panter (feat. Kasai Allstars & Basokin) (Montparnasse Musique)

Afriquoi - Panemadzimai (ft Kudaushe Matimba) (Mawimbi Records)

Puto Márcio - Coisas da Vida (Principe)

IKOQWE - Pele (CrammedDisks)

Nabalayo - Room 23 (Air Texture) from Place: Nairobi

Tanuki House - Alternate World (Occult Research)

Delta Rain Dance -Transmission Three (Delta Rain Dance)

Rodolfo Alzate - Ecosistema - (Air Texture)

P. Adrix - Estação de Queluz (Príncipe)

Ice Eyes - Xanthippe (Seagrave)

Lee Gamble - Folding (Hyperdub)

Max Cooper - Emptyset (Etapp Kyle Remix) (Mesh)

Joakim Hellgen - Sketches - (Who’s Susan)

D5 - Go To Sector 15 - (Indulge)

Fred P - For Real (Interlude) (Soul People Music)

Maarten MIttendorf, Jasper Wolff - The Second Expression (Indigo Aera)

Bonaventure - Physarum (Planet Mu)

Protect-U - RE7 Naodem (U-Udios)

MVMNT - Unseen (Air Texture)

Bubble - Backyard (Self Published)

Tanuki House -Memory Quartz (Occult Research)

Varg - Final Crush (For 940524) (Posh Isolation)

William Selman - Musica Enterrada (Matthew Patterson Curry Remix) (Mysteries of the Deep)

Barno - A Lifetime (Air Texture) from Place: Nairobi

7headc0-justfiu (Air Texture) from Place: Nairobi

KMRU - Window Stills (Field Recording) (Air Texture) from Place: Nairobi

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