Mother A.I. Radio: Beautiful and Broken

Miami Winter Music Conference, stumbling into a Bugs In the Attic Party in the Wynwood District before they added “Arts” to the name, West London became a deep connection for a big group of us in California and NYC. Air Texture presents the second Beautiful and Broken show, celebrating all shades of soulful alt-jazz experimental breaks and beats.

James Healy starts the show off with some recent cuts, featuring Kaidi Tatham, AYBEE, AceMo, Tru Thoughts, and two all-time favorites from Ilian Tape’s Stenny. The second part of the show adds Big Sur based elusive Hidden Dancer presenting a Juke flavored set featuring Urban Tribe, Jacob’s Optical Stairway, Ghettophiles, Ital Tek, Symbiotic Sounds, Slava, Manny, DJ Earl...

“Analogue camps drew lines with gigs and white labels – digital broke those barriers and then took the derivative. A beautiful, moral, and organic vastness of countless regrowing sound, forever degrading, regenerating, refracting – like the milky way or a nautilus shell. I think it makes electronic music a pure art form – one most closely resembling nature in it’s aesthetics and movements. And to dive and swim in that deep end... it’s pure love.” - Hidden Dancer - Big Sur 2021 AC (After Covid)

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