Music & Power with Ron Trent // 22-01-19

Join Ron Trent's music and power journey of various musical textures, something old and something new. Ron Trent takes you on a ride exploring music from 80's soul, new age, jazz, and deep dance music. Also, he takes an insider look into life in Nigeria in the early 80's with DJ Said. Ron Trent will be covering topics of the legendary Fela Kuti, world music, and pop culture in this episode of Music & Power, Back to the Shrine.

Gil Scott-Herron - Peace be with you, Brother [Strata East]
Moudlin - Moudlin [Moudlin]
Paradise - One Mind Two Hearts [Priority]
DK - License to dream [Antinote]
OVS - Crimes of passion [Portrait]
Harvey Sutherland - Bermuda [MCDE]
Savanna - Turn away [R & B Records]
Ashra Temple - Shuttle Cocks [Virgin]
Jon Hassell - Courage [Editions EG]
Tangerine Dream - Kiew Mission [Virgin]
Phil Manzanera - Numbers [Polydor]
Cat Stevens - Nasciemento [A&M Records]
El Coco - Cocomotion [AVI Records]
Meco - Cantina Band Theme Underdog Edits]
Onward International - Foot in the Door [Paladin Records]
Brother of Soul (Ron Trent unreleased) - Ifa Bobowa [Unreleased]
Tyrone Francis featuring Tiger Wilson - Tigers Stomp [Blak-n-Yello]
RT Factor - Blue Twilight [Electric Blue Germany]
Trinidadian Deep - Get High [Afro Sun Recordings]
DJ Apple Jack featuring Miles Bonny - Adinkra [Shadeleaf]
Gigi Testa - Planetary Love [World Peace Music]
Tkumah Sadeek - I will be there (Joe Clausell remix) [Future Vision]
Aiye Keta - Happy Vibes [Island]
Wild Magnolias - Corey died on the battlefield [Polydor]
Airto - Virgin Island [Salvation]
Jorge Ben - Dadiva [Som Livre]
Jon Hassell - Air Afrique [Intuition Records]
Shamek Farrah - First Impressions [Strata East]

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