Tune in as Volcov presents a special show dedicated to the memory of the late Phil Asher, who was not only an incredibly talented producer and DJ, but also a generous and humble human being. "The first day I met him I understood how much he was a ‘builder’ and a ‘connector’. I called him to ask him to remix Nubian Mindz ‘Black Science’ for Archive and instead of doing a deal on the phone he invited me to meet up. I went to this flat where I met first Diesel and then Nathan Haines. He kindly introduced me to both, then Nathan started playing some keyboards as part of the of the infamous PHLASH 3000 EP on Estereo. He asked me which music I liked and we started talking Detroit and he had so many anecdotes. He had to go somewhere and instead of sending me away he brought me with him on his blue Volvo with minidisc player where he blew my mind playing Afronaught ‘Transend Me’ which I'd never heard before.

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