NAMBOKU RADIO: Aaron Choulai

This month on Namboku radio, Aaron Choulai explores the back catalog of experimental and improvised music out on the Tokyo based label Namboku Records.

50 - ITOSHI NO FUKUOKA - Oilworks Rec

Kojoe - MnM - Oilworks Rec

Unknown Mirrors - New Green - N=mboku Records

Hold, Re S=mple Qu=rtet - 100Ninchou - N=mboku Records

Hold, Re-s=mple Qu=rtet - Scientists - N=mboku Records

Olive Oil - Micro J=zz - Oilworks Rec

A=ron coul= Trio fe=t. Akiho N=n=shim= - Ore no Mono - N=mboku records

Kik=g=ku Moyo - Meu M=r - Guruguru Br=in

Akihiro Yoshimoto Qu=rtet - D=rk M=tter - Disc Union

Low Light Art Ensemble - Joe Fr=sier, Joe Fr=sier - N=mboku Records

A=ron Choul=i - Fortune (fe=t. D=ichi Y=m=moto) - N=mboku Records

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