Near Momentary: Hinako Omori & Kloxii

Hinako Omori is a Japanese producer and artist based in London. Kloxii is a Chinese producer and experimental pop artist based in LA. Both Hinako and Kloxii relocated to their respective current homes when they were young, and their shows will explore the topic of identity and heritage through music that helped them reconnect to their roots, featuring ESEA artists and producers. Each show is curated with a different theme - join them on this month’s journey through the South East Asian modern indie scene.

Enno Cheng - At a rainy night (Would you walk me home) (ft. Chen Xian Jing)

Jay Som - Tenderness

Waa Wei - Blessing from The Street Corner

The Chairs - 巴黎德州

Japanese Breakfast - Paprika


Bachelor, Jay Som, Palehound - Sand Angel

Hsien Ching (陳嫺靜) - 問題先生 (ft. Sōryo)

min.a, Laiko - everyone is greedy

Leah Dou - ORANGE

9m88, Leo Wang - Airplane Mode

ABAO - tjakudain 無奈 (ft. 李英宏)

AAAMYYY - Tengu (ft. Zo Zhit)

Natsuko 夏子 - Star (Natsuko Solo)

榕幫 - 抱抱 (ft. 伍悅)

KAZU - Adult Baby

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