Near Momentary: Hinako Omori & Kloxii

Hinako Omori is a Japanese producer and artist based in London. Kloxii is a Chinese producer and experimental pop artist based in LA. Both Hinako and Kloxii relocated to their respective current homes when they were young, and their shows will explore the topic of identity and heritage through music that helped them reconnect to their roots, featuring ESEA artists and producers.

Each show is curated with a different theme - join them on this month’s journey through the South East Asian modern indie scene.

1. Jorengthericecake - Swallowgram

2. bod [包家巷] - My Hypergraphia Is Exploitable but I Refuse to Allow It to Be

3. Pan Daijing - Let

4. Faded Ghost - The Tide

5. Lawrence Lek & Seth Scott - Geo's Dream

6. Salamanda - Zero-Point Energy

7. Satomimagae - Suiheisen

8. 88pluto - The Floating Raft Talked In Sleep

9. Laughing Ears - The Celestial Railroad

10. Li Yilei - HUO - 惑

11. Tomoko Sauvage, Francesco Cavaliere - Rainforest Synthesis

12. Sugai Ken - 神変奇特泉 - Shinpenkitokusen

13. Hiro Kone - Nomad (feat. Travis)

14. Howie Lee - 鸟岛 (Birdy Island)

15. bod [包家巷] - They Told Me Sleeping Alone Builds Character

16. Alex Zhang Hungtai, Tseng Kuo Hung - Styx

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