Near Momentary: Hinako Omori & Kloxii

Hinako Omori is a Japanese producer and artist based in London. Kloxii is a Chinese producer and experimental pop artist based in LA. Both Hinako and Kloxii relocated to their respective current homes when they were young, and their shows will explore the topic of identity and heritage through music that helped them reconnect to their roots, featuring ESEA artists and producers.

Each show will be curated with a different theme - this month, they focus on the bridges between heritages, cultures and the shaping of new identities through sounds - a topic that is very close to their hearts.

1. Ouri, mobilegirl - Too Fast No Pain

2. 박혜진 Park Hye Jin - Sunday ASAP

3. Ill Japonia - 箱庭 (ft. Roller Girl)

4. Akiko Haruna - Yakusoku

5. Portrait XO - AIV1

6. Ian Chang - 醉罗汉 Drunken Fist

7. Pan Daijing - Moema, forever 九月

8. Rina Sawayama - Through The Wire (Interlude)

9. Lila Yin - Sun's Coming Up

10. MEYY - Do It (ft. Joanna)

11. yeule - Friendly Machine

12. mui zyu - yolk

13. hana vu - April Fool

14. Li Yilei - 之 - NEI / 内

15. Dog In The Snow - Monochrome

16. KAZU - Name and Age

17. Jonah Yano - shoes (ft. tatsuya muraoka)

18. Lucinda Chua - Torch Song

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