Nenita Vibes with DiVincent // 25-04-19

Nenita has been the production assistant of Worldwide FM for the past 6 months. Now, she's presenting her own show. Bringing you mellow rap, soul and jazz. For this show she's joined by DiVincent. A part time hopeless romantic / part-time musical Genius from the East side of that London.

Domani - Amygdala [Kings, Inc]
Lorine Chia - Burn One [Self Released]
A2 - Pluto Interlude [Self Released]
Kieron Boothe - No Weak Ends [The Suave Society]
DV (Live PA)
DV - Balaclava [self Released]
A2 - Smoked Out [Self Released]
IAMDDB - Urban Jazz [Union IV Recordings]
Okezy - Hackney Wood [Self Released]
Jevon - Bad Mood [WZRD]
Ayar - Lemonade [Self Released]
JGRREY - Pretty Insane [JGrrey]

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