New Voices: Zaereo w/ OHMA

A monthly show of new music

Every month, Zaereo will unveil fresh music from across the world, featuring an artist who will delve into their record, sound, and inspirations.

This episode features the Los Angeles duo OHMA as they discuss their latest album, 'On Loving Earth'.

Isla Saturno, Criosphera, Sr. Maniqui - Rosado [También]
pánico - Corazón [independent]
FROM - Una Flor Azul Y Otra Naranja [El Volcán Música]
Alan Braufman - Edge of Time [Valley of Search]
The Means of Production - Silver Pools [Royal Potato Family]
Os Fonsecas - Vendaval [Seloki Records]
Housepainters - Leave The Hall [Magnetron Music]
Meridian Brothers - En el Caribe estoy triste [Ansonia Records]
Grupo Siglo XX - Cumbia de la riviera [El Volcán]
CAZAYOUX - Humidity [Echodelick Records]
Goma Laca - Cala Boca Menino feat. Juçara Marçal & Russo Passapusso [Jazz Room Records]
Pavlov - Libera Tutti (Fire Fire) [independent]
Ibelisse Guardia Ferragutti & Frank Rosaly - TURBULÊNCIA [International Anthem]
Paco Moreno - Los artrópodos [Sursum Tapes]
Combo Chimbita - Margarita [Discos Abya Yala]
СОЮЗ - Verocai (Верокай) [Mr Bongo]
Woot Noot - Green Hands [independent]
Brainstory - Peach Optimo [Big Crown Records]
Charmer - It's Never Too Late [Forager Records]
Madala Kunene - U-Gongo [Bella Union]
LATRALA - SAM [Otherly Love]
Irmão Victor - Música N.4. [Seloki Records]
Triste Domingo - me daba miedo [independent]
Erlend Øye & La Comitiva - Bologna [Bubbles Records]
Alice Coltrane - The Ankh Of Amen-Ra [Impulse!]
Marconi Notaro - Oda A Satwa [Rozenblit]
Noah Barker & Nelson Devereaux - Message to the Sea [FPE Records]
OHMA - we praise [Astral Projections]
OHMA - between all things [Astral Projections]
OHMA - everything & nothing [Astral Projections]
Jorga Mesfin - Spring Water (የምንጭ ውሃ) [Muzikawi]
Jake Long - Silhouette (Short Version) [New Soil]
Janko Nilovic, JJ Whitefield, Igor Zhukovsky - Etheor [Broc Recordz]
Freedom's Consort - To the Here & Now [independent]
Lau Ro - Onde Eu Vou [Far Out Recordings]
Wendy & Bonnie - By The Sea [Cinedelic Records]

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