Open Library: DJ Deep // 27-05-19

Open Library is a monthly show which invites listeners into DJ Deep‘s virtual music library. For this two hour journey, DJ Deep explores Ambient, Afro Soul, Funk, Jazz and Dub together with forward thinking Electronica, House and Techno.

Monobox - Dust (intro)
Ad & The Persuader - Trapezium Dub
Caldera - A Moment To Breathe
Joy O - 81B
WRNR - Birds Flying High
Echoplex - Mago
Caldera - Akman's Rhythm
O’flynn - Tkotn
DPX - Molecular (Ovatow Reclock)
Pierre Noisiez - Coronae Borealis
Kenny Larkin - Butterflies
Trus’me - No Harm (Delano Smith Remix)
Ali Berger - Heard
Unknown White label
Unknown White label
Wilfred Percussion - Uri Libreville
Danyèl Waro - L’Aviyon
The Congos - Congoman (Carl Craig edit 1&2)
Those guys - Tonite
L.B. Bad - Taking Control Of House
L.b. Bad - I like to move
Rem - Alfa
Dj Deep - Mandrum Main
Dj Deep - Mandrum Dub
Interceptor Together [Murk]
Karren Pollard - Drums
Bucketheads - Outro

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