Open Library: DJ Deep

Open Library is a monthly show which invites listeners into DJ Deep‘s virtual music library. For this two hour journey, DJ Deep explores ambient, Afro soul, funk, jazz and dub together with forward thinking electronica, house and techno.


1) Maarja Nuut & Sun Araw 144.000 Rose Petals

2) Mother Freedom Band Beautiful Summer Day

3) Orchestre Poly-Rythmo de Cotonou Egni Miton Nin Mi Na Wa Gbin

4) Gnonnas Pedro & His Dadjes Band Dadje Von o Von Non

5) Hector Plimmer Step (Daz I Kue remix)

6) Dego What it’s to be

7) Koma Saxo Erzeben Koma

8) Kaidi Tatham Sooner or later

9) Jab Currents 03

10) Gerald Mitchell Kaori

11) Aleqs Notal How soon for what

12) ABT Back to tha Underground

13) Nathaniel X Fee your mind

14) Mental Instrum Music on my mind

15) Masters at Work We did it for years

16) T.S Monk Candidate for love

17) Phuture Acid Trakcs

18) Arnold Jarvis « Life Goes on »

19) East Coast Love Affair Without You

20) Jaymie Silk Jack Johnson

21) Sun Palace Rude Movements Frankie Feliciano remixes

22) Gemini In my head

23) Paranoid London Annihilate The World & Start All Over

24) S_._P_._T. - Silica (Regis Remix)


26) Love, Surrounds Us Everywhere (Edit By Mr. K)

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