Oscillations: Danalogue with Hinako Omori // 08-04-20

A bi-monthly show focusing on synthesised music, combined with live performances and dialogues with a special guest.   Hosted by Dan Leavers a.k.a Danalogue, producer and synth player of The Comet Is Coming and Soccer96, and producer of albums by Snapped Ankles, Alabaster Deplume, Lunchmoney & Flamingods to name but a few. On this month's show, Danalogue is joined by keyboardist, synth enthusiast and producer Hinako Omori. Tracklist: https://worldwidefm.net/show/oscilliations-danalogue-with-hinako-omori/

Francis Bebey - Africa Sanza

Holden and Zimpel - Saturday

Moondog - All is Loneliness

Satoshi & Makoto - Crepuscule Leger

Tom dissevelt & Kid Baltan - Syncopation

Popularities Vuh - In the Gardens of Pharaoh

B£AMS - Song for PKD

B£AMS - Peep East

Mono/Poly - Night Garden

Teebs - Prayers i

Max Cooper - Repetition

Lunch Money Life - God Complex

Lunch Money Life - Lincoln

Lunch Money Life - Maddison Lee Outro

James Holden & Camilo Tirado - Outdoor Museum of Fractals

// LIVE Session //
Hinako Omori - Auraelia/Meditation

Dwight Sykes - After Midnight

Isayahh Wuddha - Feel

Laurence Pike - Mystic Circles

make:shift - Colliding Forces

Daniel Avery and Alessandro Cortini Stills (Terence McKenna Sample)

Daniel Avery and Alessandro Cortini - Space Channel

U - Ascension Hymn

Emma-Jean Thackray - Open

Al Dobson Jr Tortoise Shell '08

Troyka - Life Was Transient

Swell Maps - A Raincoat's Room

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