Osunlade // 19-09-20

In the third part of his new series, Osunlade is bringing tunes from his collection, as well as his own discography to the airwaves! Osunlade is a musician, record label founder and producer. His label, Yoruba Records, reflects his deeply rooted connection to Yoruba traditions: he is a priest of the Ifá religion. Having worked with artists as diverse as Roy Ayers, Salif Keita and Cesária Évora (with a brief stint writing music for Sesame Street), we're in for an eclectic musical journey.

(Liv).e “Couldn’t Wait To Tell You”

Paul Bender “Currently Abiding”

Algol Paradox “Pegasus”

Universal Togetherness Band “Dreamality”

Project X “Kai”

Mndsgn “Guess It’s All Over”

Bobbi Humphrey “Please Set Me At Ease”

Danielle Ponder & Karate Boogaloo “Look Around”

Sam Gendel “Less But Better”

Centaur Jackson “NiggaJazz” (Live)

JSOUL “Greenspan”

Nomumbah “Tudo Que Voce Podia Ser”

Celia Cruz “Oya Diosa y Fe”

Bergerac “Gangbanger” (Red Rack’em Treatment)

Killiam Shakespeare 1976 Heron”

The Mauskovic Dance Band “Weather”

Wu Lu - “Jaybo”

Joe Marcinkievicz - “Tomorrows Time”

Pamoja - “Oooh Baby”

Tenderlonious - “Lockdown Boogie”

Central AYR Productions - “Hotter”

Brijean - “Like You Do”

Citizens Advice “Love Away” ft Osunlade

Georgia Anne Muldrow - “Lo Mein”

Soulpersona - “Neo Terra” ft Neil Waters

The Rosewood Trio “West 15th Street Strut”

Prince “She’s Always In My Hair”

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