Otakhee // 12-03-19

Otakhee is a unique and creative musician with his own broad musical spectrum. He has produced music in various genres and styles including jazz, hip-hop, techno, and much more since his debut in 2012. As well as DJing, he is also playing drums in the free jazz live session. As the founder of his own label, Ironshop48 Records, Otakhee continues to develop his label pioneering his way through the music scene. For our Seoul week, Otakhee's presenting a 2-hour show. Tracklist: http://worldwidefm.net/show/otakhee/

Otakhee - Solar [White Label]
Otakhee - OTX I (Demo) [Unknown]
Otakhee - Handmade Worries (Demo) [Unknown]
Avantgarde Vak - ASTRAWBLAQ [Wonder Music Korea Inc.]
Avantgarde Vak - 2-4-7-3-6-5 [Wonder Music Korea Inc.]
Avantgarde Vak - Neva Endz [Wonder Music Korea Inc.]
Mogwaa - In The Mood [White Label]
Mogwaa - Mi Male Curiosity [Klasse Records]
Mogwaa & Andre Gibson - I’m Just Sayin’ [Star Creature]
Theoria - Impulse Drive [Young,Gifted&Wack Records]
Theoria - Don’t Work Too Hard (Feat. Graye) [White Label]
Go Dam - Alternate Dimensions [Braindance Records]
Kim Kate - Nested Loop [Honey Badger Records]
Kim Kate - Division (Demo) [Unknown]
Kim Kate - Black Ice (Demo) [Unknown]
(Lee Taehun is the guitarist of Obokstar, Hellivison and Cadejo)
오복성 (Obokstar) - 음파 (Live, Feb 2019) [Self-Released]
Hellivision - 잠영 [Self-Released]
Bek Hyunjin - 사랑 (feat. KimOki Saturn Ballad, Lee Taehun) (Live, Dec 2018) [Self-Released]
KimOki - Orion Star House [BEATBALL MUSIC]
KimOki - A Dwarf Launches A Little Ball [[BEATBALL MUSIC]
Aepmah - Shapes, Textures, Rhythms and Moods [con tempo]
Aepmah, Lee Taehun, KimOki, Otakhee - Improvising Session at Freefomer (Live, Dec 2018) [Self-Released]

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