Oto nova Japan 音の波: Mari* with Kaoru Inoue (Chari Chari) // 13-08-20

Tune in for Oto Nova Japan, a show introducing a new wave of artist and music coming out of Japan, with Worldwide FM's senior producer and Gilles Peterson's longtime radio collaborator, Mari*! The theme of August’s show is “ether”, where Mari* selects tunes with a tranquil mood. She is joined by Kaoru Inoue, a Tokyo based DJ/Producer active since the 90s and a significant cultivator of the club and electronic music scene in Japan. He is also known by the moniker Chari Chari, his solo electronic music project. His music has been released from numerous labels, however his latest album We hear the last decades dreaming [Seeds and Ground] is his first release in 18 years under Chari Chari! Kaoru Inoue presents a mix based on the new album. Album of the month is Green by Hiroshi Yoshimura, the late Japanese ambient pioneer’s cult classic from 1986. The album is re-issued by Light in the Attic. tracklist: https://wrldwd.fm/otonova26

Yui Onodera - Moire 1 [Room 40]
Midori Hirano - Invisible Island [Sonic Pieces]
Fryadlus - Floating Water [inpartment]
// Album of the week: Hiroshi Yoshimura – GREEN [Light in the Attic]
Hiroshi Yoshimura – CREEK [Light in the Attic]
Hiroshi Yoshimura – GREEN [Light in the Attic]
Hiroshi Yoshimura – SLEEP [Light in the Attic]
Chari Chari - Esfera de Água [Seeds and Ground]
Toru Takemitsu - I Hear the Water Dreaming [Denon]
// Mix by Kaoru Inoue ~ Weird Dreams in the Summer Nights~
01. Richard Youngs & Raul Refree - Time Is Avalanche
02. Haedong Seoungguk - BMU442 (Keyboard Dosa)
03. Soviet Space Research Institute - Cold Summer
04. Asa Tone - River At Work
05. Yoichiro Yoshikawa - Fiesta del Fuego
06. Cool Maritime - Climbing Up (Tomutonttu)
07. Tulips - A Bird Feeder
08. Young Marco - Kalapa Garden
09. Federico Estévez - Hologramas
10. D.K. - The Goddess is Dancing
11. Asa Tone - In Everyone Repeating
12. Chari Chari - Uluwatu Monkey Dance
13. Juana Molina - Martín Fierro
14. Chari Chari - Tokyo 4:51
15. Christina Vantzou - Snow White
16. Karel Arbus & Eiji Takamatsu - Mizugumi (Max Essa Extended Mix)
daisuke tanabe – years ago [self-release]
John Coltrane - Peace On Earth [impulse!]
Yumiko Morioka - Moon Road [Métron Records]

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