Oto nova Japan 音の波: Mari* with Koichi Sakai // 07-10-19

Mari* is Worldwide FM’s Senior Producer and Gilles Peterson’s longtime radio collaborator, and every month presents a two hour show called ‘Oto Nova Japan’ introducing a new wave of artists and music coming out of Japan. On this edition, Mari* is joined by London based producer and DJ Koichi Sakai, who is well-known in London music circles and co-founder of the legendary Afro-beat Vibration nights alongside Dele Sosimi. The show explores his new release and collaboration with Ghanaian percussionist and singer Afla Sackey (Afrik Bawantu), where Koichi mixed African percussion instruments and themes with synths and drum machines. Mari is curious to chat about how he has established his role in the music scene after moving from Japan.

Minyo Crusaders -Tanko Bushi [Mais Um]
Ronin Arkestra – Elegy of Entrapment [Albert’s Favorites]
H.Takahashi – Wurzel [Where to Now?]
Brisa - Like This [yesterday once more]
Yoshinori Hayashi - U [Smalltown Supersound]
Gonno & Nick Höppner – Bangalore [Ostgut Ton]
Toshifumi Hinata – Broken Belief [Music From Memory]
Koichi Sakai ft. Afla Sackey - Jingo (Radio Edit) [Olindo Records]
Dele Sosimi - T.M.I (Koichi Sakai Remix) [Helico Records]
Tatsuro Yamashita - 雲のゆくえに (Clouds) [Sony BMG]
Koichi Sakai ft. Afla Sackey - Wono (Pocz Remix)
[Olindo Music]
- Koichi Sakai Guest Mix -
Erick Cosaque et Les Voyages 8 - Bonsoir Mes Freres [Franck R. Record West Indies]
Olatunji - Oyin Momo Ado (Sweet As Honeybee) [Colombia]
Unknown - Codona Mumdaka (Kay Sazuki Edit)
Koichi Sakai ft. Afla Sackey - Wono (Yoruba Soul Mix) [Olindo Music]
Afrobuddha Meets Kakatsitsi Drummers - Obame (Dub Mix) [Round In Motion]
Marlui Miranda Feat. Uakti - Tchori Tchori (Joutro Mundo Mix) [Optimo Msuic]
Sin Parabras - Yemaya
Jonas Sá - Tua Cor (Manami Matsumae Chiptune Rimix) [RISCO [dist. Tratore]]
Ohnesty - Aplaudir (DJ NHK Guy Remix) [yesterday once more]
WaqWaq Kingdom - Gift From God [Phantom Limb]
Makoto – Tokyo ’96 feat. S.P.Y [Hospital]
Sugai Ken, Andrew Pekler & Ben Vince - Crape Myrtle [Bandcamp]

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