Oto nova Japan 音の波 : Mari* with Tashi Wada // 07-01-19

Mari* is Worldwide FM’s senior producer and Gilles Peterson’s longtime radio collaborator, and every 2 months presents two hours introducing a new wave of artists and music coming out of Japan with her Oto Nova show. In this episode Mari* is joined by Tashi Wada, Los Angeles-based composer and performer whose works explore harmonic overtones, resonance, and dissonance through precise tuning and gradual change in pitch. His latest album Nue by Tashi Wada with Yoshi Wada and Friends has inspired Mari* in 2018. Tashi and Mari listen through the album with in depth conversation.

Kan Sano - DT pt.2 [Origami]
Takeo Moriyama – Kaze [BBE]
Mark de Clive-Lowe – The offering [ROPEADOPE]
Youji Toriyama - Stranger In The Mirror [Time Capsule]
Akiko Yano – Ashkenazi Who? [wewantsounds]
Jun Fukamachi - Morning Glow [WRWTFWW]
Mari Sekine – Beginning [Em Records]
Sauce 81 & Shing02 - WARP SPEED [Exploratorium]
Me And The Gang – Okayn [Self-release]
Words & Music with Tashi Wada //
Tashi Wada with Yoshi Wada and Friends – Ground [RVNG Intl.]
Tashi Wada with Yoshi Wada and Friends -Bottom of The Sky [RVNG Intl.]
Kazuya Nagaya - Microscope of Heraclitus [Indigo Raw]
Tashi Wada with Yoshi Wada and Friends - FanFare [RVNG Intl.]
Julia Holter – Whether [Domino]
David Bowie – Some Are [EMI]
Alice Coltrane - Oh Allah [impulse!]
Takao – Ama Nita [Em Records]
ODEO – Fake It [Hot Buttered Records]

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