Outro Tempo II: John Gómez with Gilles Peterson // 31-05-19

Over the past few years John Gómez has cemented himself as one of London's most versatile DJs. His Outro Tempo compilation of forgotten Brazilian electronics on the cult label Music From Memory became an instant classic, gaining universal praise from critics, DJs, and fans. Now he has released a second volume that looks set to challenge our preconceptions of Brazilian music even further. John is joined by Gilles Peterson in conversation.

Vitor Araújo - Toque N.3 (Turvalema) [Nutriot]
Bruno Migotto, Paulo Almeida, Jota P., Fabio Gouvea & Sergio Coelho - Hada [Galeão]
Long Distance Poison - Signal II (Steve Moore Remix) [Fin Records]
May East - Maraka
Chance - Samba Do Morro [Baratos Afins]
Bruhahà Babélico - Bruhahà II
R.H. Jackson - O Gato De Schrödinger [Music From Memory]
Marlui Miranda - Naumu [Pau Brasil]
Oharaska - A Fábula [Music From Memory]
Suba - Na Neblina
Cosmic Heaven

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