Peter Curtin

Broadcaster and DJ Peter Curtin selects his favourite tracks of 2019 showcasing the best of the Irish underground music scene. Peter has released 'Buntús Rince' (Basic Rhythms) compilation on All City Records, earlier year and you can listen to the Buntús Rince show on Worldwide FM from here. Tracklist:

Davy Kehoe - The Pilot (Part 2) [Wah Wah Wino]
Kojaque - Flu Shot [Soft Boy Records]
Archy Moor - Worldwide Drugs [Self Release]
New Jackson - The Gono Line [Permanent Vacation]
Fehdah - Saharakungoh [Self Release]
Kyrstal Klear - Entre Nous [Running Back]
Denise Chaila - Copper Bullet [Self Release]
40Hurtz - Both Sides [Wanz]
ZASKA - My Body ft. BARQ [Self Release]
Lakker - Murmuration [R&S]
Naïve Ted - Protein ft. Citrus Fresh (Glycerol Mix) [The Unscene]
April - Imposition [Self Release]
Brian B Greene - All Is Real [Reset Industries]
Uly - That’s no way to fly [Faction Records]
jar jar jr - Quandary on Wandesford Quay [Radio Juicy]
Shookrah - Level Up [Broken Records]
Mike Slott - Crunch [Self Release]
Biig Piig - Nothing Changes [Self Release]
Kodu - Mosaic [Self Release]
FYNCH - Milk Teeth ft. Marcus Woods [Burner Records]
ELLLL - Pepsi [Glacial Industries]
Bitflower BB - First Pop [New Info]
Maria Somerville - This Way [Self Release]
AKIA - Jaws Of The Jungle [Self Release]
Wastefellow - Fizzy Lifting Drinks [Soft Boy Records]
Sean O’Hagan - On A Lonely Day (Ding, Dong) [Drag City Records]
Po-lar-ity ft. Leeto B Thale - We Are Brothers [Yoruba]
Lumigraph - Rokko [MMODEMM]
Colm K - Apart [Tiff’s Joints]
Tapes Jamaican - Untitled Jam [Lime Street Records]
Nealo ft. God Knows & INNESPACE - Questions [Self Release]
Celaviedmai - Confessions [Abmn]
Outsider YP x Jay Ronic - STAMPEDE [Outsiders ENT]
Acid Granny - Track 3 (Serene) [Unreleased]
Strange Boy - String Theory [Self Release]
Orlando - Orogony [First Second Label]
MuRli - Unbreakable [Self]
Kean Kavanagh - Coca Cola Sky [Soft Boy Records]
Fixity - World Line [Penske Recordings]
John Francis Flynn - Loverly Joan [Unreleased]
Sunken Foal - How Much is a Lot and How Long is Lately? [Countersunk Records]
Jonny Dillon - Somebody Else’s Blues [All City]
Sean Being - Paint [wherethetimegoes]
Gadget And The Cloud - Too Soon To Say [Self]

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