Picó with Edna Martinez // 28-12-20

Tune in for a two hour show from Colombian Caribbean artist and DJ Edna Martinez. Picó with Edna Martinez attempts to be an insight into picó culture by showcasing traditional music played and promoted through the picós, having local DJ/selectors as guests, and presenting interviews with urban legends and more. Once a month we will be able to witness the sonic and rhythmic diversity of the picós in their daily life at the Caribbean. On the second episode of Picó, Edna Martinez is joined by Alvaro "Mr Dinamita" Vanegas, who has been djing since 1979 at estaderos and verbenas (street parties centred around the pico sound systems) in Barranquilla, Colombia. This show was recorded at Estadero Donde Alberto, Simon Bolívar neighbourhood and the last hour he provides an exclusive vinyl verbenero mix.

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