Planet Bitchos: Los Bitchos in Uruguay // 04-07-20

Tune in for a two hour show from London-based cumbia band Los Bitchos, fronted by multi-instrumentalist Serra Petale and Carolina Faruolo, Agustina Ruiz, Josefine Jonnson and Nic Crawshaw. In the absence of being able to tour the world this year, Los Bitchos are hiring a virtual van and hitting the ‘road’ and everyone is invited! Each month they will be exploring a new part of the world to meet the locals, get their recommendations for music to listen to, and invite others to share stories of music they have discovered, shows they have been to and even important history we should be learning about. tracklist: They want the show to be interactive and want to hear from listeners, people can contact them via Twitter.

Intro jingle - Los Bitchos
Volver- Carlos Gardel
De nosotros dos- Eduardo Mateo
Y hoy te vi- Diane Denoir
Stefanie- Alfredo Zitarrosa
Bien de Bien - Repique
Montevideo - Banda Opa
Esa Tristeza - El Kinto
Solo - Los Estómagos
La Marcha Tropical - Campo
Criada - Camara del Disco
Pide Piso- Bajofondo
Rubia- Juan Wauters
Hoy No Quiero Verte Nunca Mas - Franny Glass
Barcelona- Niña lobo
Los Mockers - Girl you won’t succeed
Rompan todo- Los Shakers
Bicho bicho- Los fatales
Bailadora- Monterrojo
Cumbia tanga- L’autentika
Lola La Coquetera
Como te mueve- bola 8
A redoblar- El Zucara
Calor en el pecho- Hablan por la espalda
Combustible- Boomerang
Dame tu sonrisa loco- Dias de blues
Dedos - Totem
Para hacer música para hacer- Montevideo blues
Candombe beat funk- Hugo Fattoruso
Candombe alto- Hugo Fattoruso
Outro jingle - Los Bitchos

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