Poly-Ritmo with DJ Miche // 12-10-20

Tune in for an hour with DJ and radio host Poly Ritmo who studied ethnomusicology at SOAS and has joined the Soundway Records crew. She focuses on playing anything from Brazilian funk to broken beat to Latin jazz. On this month's show, Poly-Ritmo is joined by Spiritland's programmer and Discs of Fun And Love label owner DJ Miche.

Mestra Ambrosio - trupe (queimar carvão)

Syran Mbenza - Rosa Mwanamiena

Walter De Afogados - ilumina

Amigo Branco - Copa 7

Betwixt The Humps - Sunchild

Sergio Mendes - If I Ever Lose This Heaven

The Soul Messengers - Ninety Nine and a half (Won’t Do)

Raul De Souza - Daisy Mae

Sweet Mixture - House of Fun and Love

Ronaldo Malta - Canto Nago

Claudette Soares - Shirley sexy

Ed Lincoln - Canção Para UM Homem No Espaço Vou Rir De Voce

Cherish - For You

Sandra Sa - Quero Ver Voce Dancar

Cristina Camargo - Moral Tem Hora

La Musique L’Amie De Tous

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