Poly-ritmo with Tambourine Hands (Basket of Light)

Tune in for a two hour show from DJ and radio host Poly-Ritmo who studied ethnomusicology at SOAS and has joined the Soundway Records crew. She focuses on playing anything from Brazilian funk to broken beat to Latin jazz.

This month Poly-Ritmo is joined by her DJ partner Austin. Together they play as Tambourine Hands, and this summer they are bringing to life Basket of Light - a new 250 person festival with all their favourite DJs, projection artists and some very choice live acts yet to be announced. This is a pre-dance warm up to get you in the mood! Only 5 tickets left for the festival available here; hdfst.uk/E64249

D’Angelo - Really Love

Apollo - hungry eyes

The Main Ingredient - Happiness is just around the bend

Jamie Branch - Prayer for amerikkka pt.1 & 2

The Third Wave - Love Train

Snazzback - Reading

Tyson: Tuesday (LMP recordings)

Poets of Rhythm: More Mess on My Thing (Freestyle Records)

Wonky Logic: Andromeda Style Funk (Super-Sonic Jazz Records)

Sons of Kemet: Think of Home (Impulse! records)

Kidkanevil: Inakunaru (Project Mooncircle)

Kareem Ali: Black Space Jazz (CosmoFlux Recordings)

SunPalace - Rude Movements

inakunaru - Kidkanevil

Kareem Ali - Black Space Jazz

Gayle Adams - Stretching Out

New World - J.R.

War - War is coming! War is Coming!

Eddie Henderson - Prance On

East of Eden - Jig a Jig

Pentangle - Springtime Promises

Jeremy Ellis - Bombakiss

Dele Sosimi - You No Fit Touch Am


Waiwan - Changes

Wheelup - People

Oyoetigbe - Iyereghe

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