QC Radio: King Hippo with Areaman Chicago, Jesse Sandwich, Jeremiah Meece, Jarvis Mason // 03-03-21

QC Radio is a weekly look at the creativity flowing through the City of Chicago. We’ll hear from Chicago-based musicians, DJs, record stores, journalists, labels and parties. This season is curated by broadcaster, event producer and member of the International Anthem family, King Hippo. There’s a brand new record label in Chicago and we’re very happy to welcome it’s founder and the artist behind their first release – today we celebrate Areaman Chicago with Jesse Sandwich and Jeremiah Meece. We’ll hear from Sandwich about his hopes for the label as well as another facet of Areaman Chicago: conversations with people on the scene. Sandwich speaks with Chicago icon, Jarvis Mason – a dancer, DJ, and energy on dancefloors all over Chicago. tracklist: https://worldwidefm.net/show/qc-radio-king-hippo-with-areaman-chicago-jesse-sandwich-jeremiah-meece-jarvis-mason/

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